Release 4.53.0 December 18, 2020

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Features Affected Roles Affected Policies

'Campus code' has been added as an attribute in all exports for faculty records.

App Admin


In the 'AP Review' tabs (Forms in Process, Forms Approved, and Activities) faculty with secondary appointments, reviewers can now view secondary appointment records of units where the "Rely on Primary Department?" attribute is "yes".



For UCI, exceeding threshold hours have been updated to 168 for APM671 faculty under the School of Medicine in fiscal year 2020-21 and 2021-22.



Bug Fixes Affected Roles Affected Policies

A bug in the edit effort dialog led to the response to the "Compensated?" question not being saved. This is a case where a APM025 faculty reported an activity and entered effort records fort the activity. The bug occurred with faculty who were switched over to either APM246.5 or APM240.5 policy. The update effort dialog UI allowed user to change the "Compensated?" response, but the system did not register change for those records entered prior to switch.  This bug has been fixed.



Added support for special characters in the Activity note attachment names.