Release 3.49.0 August 16, 2020

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Features Affected Roles Affected Policies

Enhance the with search functionality to help find revelant content.

Everyone All

Add a restriction under the "Copy" feature on the faculty page to prevent an activity from being copied more than once.

Faculty 025, 671

Update the faculty's Annual Certificate functionality. Clicking on the purple Annual Certification button now displays a popup listing the status of the Annual Certifications for each appointed year.

Faculty 671

Improve UCOATS site security. This includes encrypting cookies and adding Content Security Policy (CSP).

Everyone N/A
Bug Fixes Affected Roles Affected Policies

The Note tab for Category 1 form under the Approver view was not displaying. Also, in certain cases the notes appear below the Category 1 form.

Reviewer, Approver N/A

Internal issue: In certain cases the Ingest process was not logging the steps.



Internal issue: Faculty navigating forward to the next fiscal year was using a fix date range instead of the date range specified in the database.