Release 3.48.0 July 2, 2020

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Features Affected Roles Affected Policies

Update Summer UI for faculty with APM025 Academic Year per specification provided on (pages 4 and 5). Navigating away from fiscal year summer entry (if there any data changes) will notify user that the data will be lost if the user continues.

Faculty 025

Feature to copy category 2 and 3 activities from previous fiscal year. Access to this feature is via the "Copy" button on the faculty index page. There is a restriction in place that prevents an activity from being copied more than once to any fiscal year.

Faculty 025, 671

Feature to renew Category 1 activities. There are two ways to access the feature. One is auto popup on the faculty login; A dialog box with expiring (60 days until approved to date) category 1 activities. The second way is a renew button on the activity listing under the faculty view.

Faculty All

Update the type of activities that are reported on the Faculty Annual Certification per Governance meeting. The following activities are reported -

  1. Include category 1 and 2 activities only (exception is point # 3)
  2. Include category 1 and 2 activities with no income/effort reported.
  3. For APM Policy 240 and 246 faculty report category 3 activities if there are effort/income records. Note: Reported income/effort on category 3 activities do not count against threshold.
Faculty All

Update the % Appointment to be consistent on all pages. The valid values will be between 0 and 100 for % Appointment. For example, in the prior releases, the faculty import expected values between 0 and 100, while in the UI to add faculty to a unit, the value for % Appointment was between 0 and 1. All pages that displays and updates FTE will be in percentage value.

App Admin N/A

New REST web service endpoints to receive and process staff data file and return exceptions file (if applicable).

WS Admin N/A

Set responses to engage in prior to approval questions to empty prior to Release 3.46.0 going live (April 20, 2020 at 9:30 PM). The release included two new questions for Category 1 form inquiring whether the faculty submitting the form engaged in the activity prior to approval. One question is for the faculty and one is for staff reviewers/approvers to respond. The issue was that the default responses was set to "No" for both on the upgrade. This is incorrect as neither the faculty or staff responded prior to the date, since the questions were not available. This patch will set the response to 'N/A' for the two questions on the forms as follows:

1. Faculty question - If the submission of the form was prior to April 20, 2020 at 9:30 PM.
2. Staff question - if the last reviewed/approved action of the form was prior to April 20, 2020 at 9:30 PM.

Faculty, Reviewer, Approver All

Form State filters (where is the form in the routing process) are added to most of the reviewer, approver, and auditor pages.

Reviewer, Approver, Auditor N/A