Release 3.47.1 May 28, 2020

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Fix bug in the dollar amount and time exceeding calculations to determine whether a new Exceeding Threshold (ET) form is created. The issue arises when an update to an effort/income record that triggered the ET form is updated and the total amount of the activity is less of what has been already approved for the activity in another ET forms.

Prior to the fix, if the faculty enters a new effort/income record for the same activity, the system factored in the old (before update) income or time values to determine whether a new Exceeding TH form is needed. As a result, a ET form is generated regardless of whether the new effort/income entry pierces the thresholds. Use Case: Faculty initially reports 1000 hrs for activity XYZ due to a extra sticky keyboard. The system creates a ET form. Faculty realizes mistake and corrects the time reported to 100 hrs. Faculty does not delete the ET form created and enters a new effort of 10 hrs for activity XYZ. System incorrectly creates a new ET form because it was using the 1000 hrs stored in the prior ET form.

Faculty 671