Release 3.45.0 March 13, 2020

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Features Affected Roles Affected Policies
Consider the response to "Type" field (below organization name field) option of "unknown" as an equivalent response as "For Profit". Currently the type response is used to determine whether an activity is counted as a External Review Board for APM240 or APM246 policies. In other words if "Unknown" is selected it will count as a For Profit Board for Deans and Faculty Admins. Faculty 240, 246

Use Time Threshold in determining earnings threshold for policies 671, 240 with 671 or 246 with 671. If a faculty's time threshold is pierced prior to the faculty's earnings threshold is reached, the new earnings threshold will be the lower of the computed earnings threshold (combination of settings/salary) or the total reported earnings at the time threshold was reached. The computed based on the settings/salary are prioritized as follows : manual override, 40% of salary, primary appointment override and policy specific - currently 40K for earnings and 384 hours for time.

Example: FY 19-20 Joe Bruin's earnings threshold is 55K and time threshold is 384 hours. As of March 11, 2020 Joe has reported 40K for earnings and 380 hours for effort. Note the cases below are independent.

Case 1: March 22, 2020 Joe reports 4 hours for effort and $400 for income. Since Joe reached the time threshold of 384, his new earnings threshold is $40,400.

Case 2: March 20, 2020 Joe reports 5 hours of effort and $20,000 for income. The system computes that the average earnings per hour of $4,000/hr. At the time that Joe reached the time threshold (384 hrs) his earnings is $56,000 ($40,000 + $16,000). The earnings at this point is above the calculated threshold of $55,000. In this case, Joe's earnings threshold stays at $55,000.

** Earnings threshold is only updated (lower) if time threshold is reached and total reported earnings at that moment is below the computed earnings threshold (via settings/salary). **

Faculty 671
An Audit report that shows which account used the "Become" feature to become another user. The report is available under the "Reports" tab of the App Admin page. Auditor N/A
There is a APM025 specific Annual Certification form. Prior to this release faculty completed the APM671 form for Annual Certification. Faculty 025
Bug Fixes Affected Roles Affected Policies
Remove legacy activity's start and end date values from pages that were still displaying them Faculty All
Remove errant option "Annual Certification" that appears under all the tabs of Approver role's "Review/Approval" Approver


Display responses to new IP questions on Activity view panels N/A


Fix count and pagination on the Approved Category 1 data tables N/A